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Here, you can find any official information regarding the elections of the AUCSA. Every year in May, the AUCSA Board of the next year is elected by the General Assembly (GA). This event is accessible for all members of the AUCSA. During the GA, all candidates may speech and answer questions from the members. A proposed board is then presented by the Elections Commission, after which the voting procedure starts. The candidate with the most votes will fill the board position in the next academic year. This year’s GA will take place on May 15th.

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The Election Journey

  1. Join our Elections Info-sessions to learn more about the Board life and responsibilities! The whole AUCSA Board will be there, as well as the Elections Commission. Click here for info sessions slides if you missed it!
  2. There will be time for coffee dates. This is your chance to talk to any current AUCSA Board member one-on-one to ask all the real questions and to get a free coffee! Send your preferred date + time + person(s) to in order to schedule one.
  3.  Join the Couch Sessions on March 18 and 21. Eat lunch with the current members of the AUCSA board and talk about elections.
  4. The 25th of March is the Applications Deadline for the EC. Send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1000 words) to The letter needs to answer the following questions:
    1. Why are you applying for the AUCSA?
    2. If you are applying for a specific position, why are you applying for this position specifically and what makes you the right person for it?
    3. What would the AUCSA contribute to you personally?
    4. What is your vision of the AUCSA in five years?
  5. Then the EC will invite you for a 1-hour interview.
  6. After you will submit your Election Statement to Which will then be published on the website.
  7. Show your best side and most innovative ideas at the Elections debates on May 4th
  8. Vote and get voted for at the Elections GA on May 15th

Meet the Candidates l AUCSA Board Elections 2022


Bartolomeo Attolico

Hi, my name is Bartolomeo, I am half-Italian, half-French, currently majoring in the Sciences. I am running for the position of President. Before coming to AUC, I had never been to the Netherlands, didn’t really know what I wanted to study, and had no idea what to expect. Right now I can say with confidence that AUC is an enriching environment, where I met people from all over the world. I want to help AUCSA thrive by continuing to bolster the inclusive atmosphere that I have felt since my arrival. Being part of HandsOn has motivated me to be part of the AUCSA board, as I would like to contribute on a larger scale to the AUC community. The main objectives that I would like to pursue, should I be elected are: Encourage student participation in college life by continuing to facilitate accessible and inclusive events that mirror AUC students’ diverse interests. Focus on listening to student voices and implementing their wants and needs into the events and community spirit that the association aims to provide. Increase our engagement with UvA and VU (our parent universities) to give our students more opportunities to explore and interact with people outside of the bubble. Improve internal collaboration with the Student Council, Peer Support, and Right2Education, to achieve a more cohesive and integrated group of student representatives. In my view, a president needs to be, primarily, a good listener. They need to have a problem-solving mindset, be able to instigate collaboration, bring out the best of their board, and ultimately be able to make decisions assertively. I would be honored to be elected; working with the board, committees, and commissions would enable me to give back to the community which embraced me so warmly, making AUC my second home.

Nicolás Antúnez de Mayolo

Hello dear AUC community! My name is Nicolás, and I’ll be applying for AUCSA president. I’m a Peruvian second-year, majoring in sciences.  I’m applying for this position because I’m confident that I can be a good leader and will be very capable of working in this central role. This year I was Head of Logistics for AUCMUN, where I gained a lot of experience taking charge of a team, and we organised an event that was successful and well liked. Furthermore, being on the board of a committee helped me get acquainted with AUCSA, so I have a good idea of how they work. I am a very good communicator who excels at connecting with both individuals and groups of people, so combined with my discipline and drive, I believe I have a great set of skills to be an outstanding president. I have a vision for next year which involves various plans. Firstly, and most importantly, I’ll work on getting the AUC community life back on its feet after two and a half long years of uncertainty and loneliness. As things are opening up again, next year should hopefully be the first year since the pandemic began that our committees and teams can go all out! I’ll be ensuring there is a variety of social events and general activities where people can enjoy and return to the uni experience many people missed. My second aim would be to bring the AUCSA closer to organisations it works with. This would involve more activities in conjunction with the Student Council, and increasing interaction with the Management Team of AUC. Furthermore, I would aim to provide more help and guidance to committees. This brings my election statement to a close, so I hope to see you all on election day!


Lucas Serralta Jamard

Hallo AUC students! This is your favourite sarcastic, anxiety-riddled, and overachieving Spaniard. My name is Lucas Serralta, and I’m a second year running for Secretary. I’m also a social sciences major focusing on international relations and conflict studies. Becoming part of the AUCSA has always been at the back of my head, but I haven’t been able to fully commit until now. The last couple years have been a roller coaster of emotions, I’ve experienced many highs and lows. Through undergoing hardship, I’ve been able to find strength in adversity, and I’m ready to make up for lost time. You probably haven’t seen me around campus recently as I’m on exchange in Canada. During my time here, I’ve been heavily involved in the student political scene, from managing election campaigns to organizing events. My goal is to continue representing the student body once I get back to AUC. I believe to possess a set of qualities that fit well with the position of Secretary. I have experience in drafting emails, making agendas, increasing student engagement, and promoting on social media. I also have excellent time management and organizational skills. Academically, I always put my best foot forward as I enjoy being on top of things. As a problem-solver, I’ve learnt to think ‘outside the box’, which has taught me patience and to improvise in high-pressure scenarios. I will provide stability within the Board by improving cohesiveness amongst its social platforms, as well as further developing the Newscast. I’m hoping to bring a fresh perspective, encourage more student-led initiatives, and tighten relations with other university colleges. I aspire to be a part of something bigger, to make a difference. I’m ready to undertake an intellectually stimulating endeavour, and put this newfound urge to work on self-improvement into bettering my community.


Davide Convertino 

Hi, I’m Davide Convertino, a second-year Italian student majoring in Economics and minoring in Math and Computer Science. Since my first year, I have been an involved member of the AUC community as the Cuisine Event Manager and this year I decided to step up even more. I joined the Winter Formal Team as the Head of Logistics to help organize the Spring Market. Alongside this, I was the Head of Finance for this year’s AUCMUN and made sure to get the best possible experience for everyone with the budget at our disposal. These experiences have improved my communication skills and also brought up more of my supportive side. Most importantly, they made me more responsible and reliable, both for the people I represent and for the ones I work with. I believe I am the best fit for the Treasurer position on the next AUCSA Board as both my personal and committee experiences, combined with my time management skills and hard work would be a great asset to the board, as well as the CCTs and the whole AUC community. I’m running with the goal of an AUCSA that is more involved in the neighbourhood and city life to help students break out of the bubble and to create bigger and more significant events throughout the next years!

Eva Ebbers 

My name is Eva, and I am a Dutch second-year science student focusing on biology and mathematics. In my first year at AUC, I sadly was not able to experience much of committee life due to the pandemic. Luckily, committee life slowly started returning to normal this year. I joined AUCMerch and enjoyed working on the different projects with them. However, I wanted to do more for and with the community. Thus, I applied for AUCSA. I am running for the position of treasurer for several reasons. First of all, I am a highly organized and structured person who feels very comfortable in numbers and math. Thus I feel like this position will suit me. Furthermore, I believe that this position will be especially interesting and rewarding in post-covid life. As treasurer, my main focus would be ensuring that the budget is optimally used, meaning that all committees can host successful, inclusive, diverse, and fun events for all. My ability to compromise yet be strict when necessary, keep an overview and speak Dutch make me suited for the treasurer position. As treasurer, I would also focus on sustainability as I believe this has become increasingly important. Being sustainable can sometimes be more expensive and thus, combining this goal with treasury allows me to reflect realistically on making the sustainability of events a higher priority. While on the AUCSA board, another priority would be improving the safety of our events. Especially keeping in mind recent spiking events, the new AUCSA board should make it their priority to further ensure the safety of its student body. Lastly, I would try to increase connectivity with UVA and VU by encouraging and promoting collaborations. I believe this can be fun and help AUC students feel more comfortable in UVA/VU spaces.


Dhruv Gulati

Hi! My name is Dhruv. I’m a first year science major from India, and I’m running for the CAO position. I love plants and working with people and consequently am interested in the intersection of sustainable agriculture and business. I’ve always liked to be involved in my community, and hope to carry on with this by being a part of next year’s AUCSA board. After attending introweek, I knew I wanted to be an active part of the AUC community and so I joined the UCSRN team as treasurer, TEDx’s logistics team, and the Ambassadors team to help with events and activities for prospective students. From these associations, I have learnt more about event organisation, communication with externals in Amsterdam, and the importance of transparency in an organisation like the AUCSA. Being involved in these teams helped me realise that I would love to continue working to better the social life at AUC on a larger scale. My main goal is to involve a greater percentage of the AUC community with committee life and events. I hope to achieve this by expanding some of the events beyond “the bubble”. I will work towards fostering more inter-UC collaborations as well as event collaborations with UvA and VU student bodies. Additionally, I would like to help set up a centralised channel for the acquisition commission to improve communication with external organisations. Another way I would stimulate more student involvement would be by encouraging the formation of committees that represent academic interests, allowing students to explore topics beyond their programme structure. I would take great pleasure in working with members of the student body, helping to organise incredible events, and ultimately making AUC a better place for everyone. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about my vision or plans:)

Francesca Drewell

Hello, my name is Francesca and I am interested in CAO for the AUCSA Board 2022/23. I’m Dutch/English, grew up in South Africa and currently a first year Humanities student, focusing on Film. This year I joined the UCSRN Team where I get to organise inter-UC events, and I am loving it! By being part of this team, and having the opportunity to talk to students from all over, I have come to appreciate how unique the AUCSA bubble is. It made me want to get involved. My experience is mostly behind-the-scenes; in theatre (director, stage manager) including this year’s Onstage production of Mamma Mia, in fashion – London Fashion week, and this year – Dormfest! Moreover, I was involved with the founding of AUCSA’s Newscast, a wonderful opportunity to help committees get their events out there and celebrate all things AUC. Being a part of these amazing events has helped me gain the necessary skills to be a great team player. As CAO, I will be involved with committees, helping them in every way I can to ensure their creative events can happen. I would love to improve AUCSA-student/committee relations, creating more productive and fun dynamics. I am also keen to simplify the application process for those that are interested in joining committees: make it less intimidating and more welcoming for future first years. I am passionate about sustainability and would like to improve this at AUC, making sustainability cheaper and easier for committee events. The truth is I love to get involved and I am most comfortable on the organisational side. I am super excited for all the fun opportunities and countless new skills AUCSA will give me, to drastically improve my confidence, capabilities, and aid me in my future career. There are many great candidates applying this year and I wish everyone good luck!

Sam Ringeling 

Hello! My name is Sam Ringeling and I am running for CAO. I am from the Netherlands and am currently in my first year at AUC focussing on mainly mathematics and geology. When starting at AUC, I quickly realised how much I loved the community. I can still remember how I felt during the introweek: After seventeen years, suddenly I was living on my own. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, it was the friendly faces of the AUCSA that made me feel welcome . It was then that I realised that this social community is the true strength of AUC. Organising events, helping people out and blowing life into the bubble; I wanted to be doing this! And so, I decided to join the UCSRN Team to help set up big exciting events such as Spotlight and the UCSRN Tournament. It has been amazing seeing student life revive after covid. However, I still see opportunities to get the social student life thriving more than ever. A personal goal of mine would be to reach out and build relations between AUC and other University Colleges, not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. Imagine all the currently untapped potential: University College European Football Championships or city trips while being hosted by students abroad. Aside from global social events, I have a long term goal of establishing an association uniting global University Colleges to push politically as well. An example could be getting a special recognition of the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree on a European scale. In short, a well connected network of students bustling with fun events to expand our horizons. It’s an ambitious goal, but I’m ready to take the first step.

AUCSA Board Elections 2022








The Elections Debate

The Elections Commission (EC)

The 2022 Elections Commission (EC) is composed of one ex-AUCSA Board member and two independent members. Together with the current AUCSA Board, the EC is responsible for organizing the Elections of the new AUCSA Board of 2022-2023. The EC reviews the incoming applications, conducts interviews with the candidates, and asks specific questions during the Elections Debate.

Based on all applications, interviews, and performances during the debate, as well as through their own expertise, the EC will propose a Board during the Elections GA. This proposed Board consists of the candidates they deem the best fit for the AUCSA Board of 2022-2023, both in terms of their individual skills and our perception of how they would work together.

The current AUCSA Board is solely involved with the promotion of the elections timeline and procedure. They do not have access to the motivation letters and have no influence on the interviews, debate and proposed Board.


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