AUCSA Board Elections 2020-2021

Here, you can find any official information regarding the elections of the AUCSA Board of ’20-’21. Every year in May, the AUCSA Board of the next year is elected by the General Assembly (GA). This event is accessible for all members of the AUCSA. During the GA, all candidates may speech and answer questions from the members. A proposed board is then presented by the Elections Commission, after which the voting procedure starts. The candidate with the most votes will fill the board position in the next academic year. This year’s GA is scheduled on the late afternoon of May 12th.

For any additional information about the Elections procedure, such as dates, procedures and the candidates, scroll down to the bottom of the page!

The Election Journey
  1. In the coming two weeks there will be time for coffee dates. This is your chance to talk to any current AUCSA Board member one-on-one to ask all the real questions and to get a free coffee at Maslow! Send your preferred date + time + person(s) to in order to schedule one.
  2. The 1st of April is the Applications Deadline for the EC. Send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1000 words) to The letter needs to answer the following questions:
    1. Why are you applying for the AUCSA?
    2. If you are applying for a specific position, why are you applying for this position specifically and what makes you the right person for it?
    3. What would the AUCSA contribute to you personally?
    4. What is your vision of the AUCSA in five years?
  3. Then the EC will invite you for a 1-hour interview between 1 April and 17 April.
  4. Step four is submitting your Election Statement to before the 23rd of April. Which will then be published on the website.
  5. Show your best side and most innovative ideas at the Elections debates on Thursday 7 May!
  6. Vote and get voted for at the Elections GA on Tuesday 12 May!

Time left to the Elections GA:

The Candidates


Stijn Maathuis

Hey everyone, my name is Stijn Maathuis. I am a second-year Social Sciences student focusing on law, who loves to dance and hang out with friends in his free time. You might know me as the chair of SlayUC, AUCSA’s dance committee, where being part of an active and involved AUCSA community was my main mission. With the current coronavirus, maintaining our beloved community is more important than ever, which is why I am running for President of the AUCSA ‘20/21.


As the chair of both SlayUC and the young ambassadors at Dutch National Opera & Ballet, I developed my skills for team communication and management, while at the same time looking after my board members and keeping spirits up. Being part of the AUCSA both as an active member and as the chair of a committee, I furthermore came to understand the expectations AUCSA members have of the AUCSA Board.


For the coming year, my vision will be focused on stimulating active committee life and encouraging the involvement of all AUCSA members in our community. Although it may sound contradictory considering the current circumstances, I believe that it is vital to keep the social heart of AUC beating; for third-years whose exchange may be canceled, for second-years who will further embrace committee life, and for first-years who deserve a warm introduction to our AUCSA community.


As your President of the AUCSA, I will oversee and guide the AUCSA Board in its efforts to assist AUCSA’s committees, commissions, and teams to adapt to the new circumstances, with health and safety as primary concerns. Also, I will be approachable for student feedback as well as for initiatives. As President of the AUCSA, I will give my full dedication to supporting a vibrant AUCSA community.

Niels Verduin

Who am I?

  • I am Niels Verduin, a 2nd year Humanities major. I use any pronouns but prefer they/them. You may know me as longtime member (almost the entire time I’ve been at AUC!) and current chair of PlayUC, or as this year’s Diversity Commission treasurer. 

What am I running for (and why)? 

  • I’m running to be President of the AUCSA. Having been general member, secretary, treasurer and chair between a committee and a commission gives me a strong overview of the AUCSA’s functions, and my year-long experience as chair makes me well-suited to be a leader to the board and to the AUCSA as a whole.

What will I do?

  • To start the year, I will:
    • Provide sufficient assistance to transitioning boards. Due to the Corona Crisis, it may not be possible for boards to sufficiently transition new recruits. If necessary, my board would provide in-person assistance to boards in this time, especially with budgeting. I would also consider opening up the September committee assembly to students pursuing a position on a committee or commission.
    • As soon as possible, return the AUCSA to regular business while integrating new students, so we can move past the situation and continue improving
  • Throughout the year, I will:
    • Move Diversity Commission to be more in line with other commissions: an auditing body on diversity, while preserving its current role and events
    • Ensure the voice of small committees is represented
  • In finishing the year, I endeavour to have:
    • Created a more open community by promoting and simplifying member-focused policies, e.g.: the anonymous complaint procedure, the process of creating new committees, and the possibility to request the AUCSA Board Meetings’ minutes.
    • Greatly simplified the process of creating committee/commission budgets by publishing official Budgeting Guidelines.


Kayna Duport


My name is Kayna Duport, I am a first-year student from the French Caribbean islands, and I am running for the position of secretary. I speak both French and English fluently and I would like to think that I could hold an interesting conversation in Dutch. I am an adept volleyball player who values team spirit and dependability. Growing up in a military family has allowed me to travel and attend different international schools such as UWC. These experiences have granted me strong cross-cultural communication skills, an essential competence for a secretary at AUC. This position requires administrative, organizational and collaborative skills, 3 abilities I am more than willing to offer to our community. 

As secretary, I plan to improve communication amongst the student body, as in large communities, information can easily get lost and individuals left behind. Be honest, How many events have you missed because you either forgot or weren’t aware of their existence; this is why I plan to utilize technology such as apps like Uni-Life to facilitate the spread and awareness of events hosted by AUC but not limited to, because after all there is life outside the bubble. Additionally, think about all the paper waste we could reduce by spreading information solely online. I intend to serve as a liaison officer between students and internal or external parties to ease the organization of events. I will also dedicate myself to ensure that everyone has a voice by providing each of you the support necessary to express your opinion or convey your message. 

Lastly, something that I hold dear is the diversity present at AUC. I would therefore like to inaugurate an international fair to celebrate our cultural differences and similarities to strengthen our unity as a community. 

I am fully conscious that fulfilling this role will be time demanding, but I am ready to take up this challenge!

If you have any more questions do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Onė Mikulskytė

Hey everyone, 

I’m Onė Mikulskytė and I’m running for Secretary’s position at the next AUCSA board!


During my time at AUC, I have come to realise what a unique and diverse community I am part of, which makes me genuinely want to contribute to its improvement and growth, by helping to make this a place that nurtures everyone’s interests, whatever they may be. 


Within my vision for AUCSA as an organisation, I stand for openness, availability of information, and approachability. Alongside supporting committee life at AUC, I find it important to be aware of what Amsterdam itself has to offer. I want to ensure that students are informed about the available opportunities, be it the internship, volunteering, work or others, and in this way enable everyone to find their place in and out of the bubble. Further, I hope to work towards an even more inclusive community by promoting stronger links between students of all years and interests, as well as advance first-year & exchange students’ integration into the community life.


In order to accomplish this, I believe the position of Secretary would suit me the best. I have the experience and motivation as I have worked in various organisations related to internal & external communications for a few years now, and here at AUC I have been a part of four committees in positions related to PR. All of these experiences taught me how to spread the information to the wide audience, be a strong team member and simply made me care about our community.


Now I want to take this a step further and by bringing my knowledge and ideas, together with the team, to make the life at AUC one that encourages professional and personal growth of all students, and one that is enjoyable and memorable.


Bram Mak

Dear AUCSA members,

In the past few months I have learned a lot about the engine that powers AUCSA events. I have been exposed to processes that improve the social- and academic environment at AUC. I have come to the realisation that I get a lot of fulfilment from taking part in creating positive change. This is why I am motivated to be your treasurer for the coming academic year.

I would like to present specific examples of areas that I would like to work on, and for which I deem myself to have the right mindset for those areas.

To begin with, I would like to set up a structure for working with our expensive technical equipment, which would allow us get the most out of all the equipment we have acquired over the years, and make sure we do not waste money by premature equipment failure that stems from misuse. I have lots of experience working with stage and other technical equipment, which make me suitable for this.

In addition, I feel like I have developed an intuition about the AUCSA budget, that would allow me have long term vision about transparency, integrity and legibility. I have been inspired by the values that have led to the current state of the budget, which is a remarkable feat of the previous AUCSA boards. I hope to keep the values, and improve on the practicalities of the implementation of our budget system.

Of course, a big personal drive stems from the amazing social experience AUCSA has provided me. However, I feel passionate about making the less visible engine behind our events run even more smoothly, together with amazing board members that would complement my skills.

Also btw, have a nice day!

-Mam Brak

“Eerst analyseren, dan je boterhammen smeren”

Mahi Shah

Have you ever had an idea but never had the means to make it reality? Well Look no further!

Hi Everyone! I am Mahi Shah, a first-year physics student, running for AUCSA Treasurer. I wish to facilitate your unique and creative ideas to help properly establish them in AUC; like the current board helped me with mine, by smart-budgeting and making sure all students feel like they belong in this diverse environment. 

Being  Deputy-Secretary-General for AUCMUN and Treasurer for ZEN, along with initiating AUCHEER while being in the UCSRN tournament-team,  gave me the chance to handle financial tasks acquire useful skills regarding organisation, analytical thinking, problem-solving and understanding board dynamics that I would put to use as Treasurer.


My main goals are to maintain a financially healthy budget and allocate money towards creating more engaging events that take AUC’s name forward while maintaining a sustainable, engaging and exciting environment. I want to increase the external connections of committees to help expand students’ personal connections with the outside world, other UCs and companies. I will work towards creating a budget that is 100% transparent and fair, by working with all committee treasurers and helping them be good financial heads. You can trust me to make sure that your money is being spent for the betterment of the community and I am ready to be 100% committed to get you what you need. (I got ZEN our teacups ;))


Lastly, it is easy to get stuck in our bubble, but it is also easy to take advantage of what this bubble provides and use it to better your future outside AUC. There is truly something for everyone, and I want to help you find it. I wanted AUC to be my home away from home, and the AUCSA made that possible for me. I am ready to carry that forward and do so for others.

Feel free to reach out for more on me, my plans, or just a chat!

Committee Affairs Officer

Blanca Gonzalez

Hey everyone! My name is Blanca and I am a first-year student running for CAO of
the AUCSA 2020-2021.
Right before coming to AUC I was, like many of us, both excited and nervous. Now,
I can confidently say that this place makes me feel at home. The AUCSA welcomed
me with open arms the moment I got here, and now I want to do the same to future
students. Participating in committee activities and engaging in student life inspires
me and gives me the opportunity to learn awesome things outside of the
I think CAO is the position for me, since I am amazed by the work committees carry
out and keep up even when faced with unknown situations. Moreover, being part of
Springboard this year has introduced me to committee dynamics and close
cooperation with the AUCSA Board. Being CAO would allow me to support
committees in their activities and initiatives by helping to organize and develop
their ideas. If elected, I would work hard to maintain a Student Association where
all committees and initiatives are heard. I believe I would be a great fit for the
position, since I am approachable and have the communication skills necessary to
ensure good cooperation between the AUCSA Board and its bodies. Furthermore, I
am hard-working and committed (no pun intended).
I am very excited for this chance to be part of the Board in the upcoming year and
help keep up the amazing work!

Laura Psara

My name is Laura Psara and I’m running for the position of Committee Affairs Officer in next year’s AUCSA Board. I’m a 19 year old first year from Cyprus, and I’m majoring in social sciences.


During this first year at AUC, I’ve participated in events organised by all different kinds of committees. I grew to learn that what we are offered here at AUC is truly unique, as there are committees satisfying every interest. The AUC community truly is a great one, and it has already offered tons to me, which is why it’s time for me to try and give something back.


My vision of the AUCSA is to constantly become better every year. If I am elected, there are certain key features which I wish to maintain in the AUCSA board. One of these is accessibility, because in order for the AUCSA to be constantly improving, it has to accept feedback from the community. I would also like to make the AUCSA more sustainable and eco-friendly in both its events and its everyday workings. 


Overall, I believe the AUCSA exists to promote unity and a strong spirit in an ever-changing and diverse community. I wish to be CAO to aid committees into achieving their full potential and be their personal link to the AUCSA.


Even though I have experienced being a board member this year, I can imagine that being a CAO will be one of my toughest challenges yet, but it is one I am willing to take on.

Ignacio Sánchez Abenante

Hey! I am Ignacio but some of you might know me better as Nacho. I’m a 19yo Humanities major from Venezuela. Coming from a place with such a different culture and educational system made me realize that I wanted a higher educational experience which embodies a broad education, encourages critical engagement while challenging my comfort zone and thus allowing me space to grow.

I am a multitasker; I live for extracurricular activities. I have been an active member of the Student association participating in several committees as a volunteer and as General Board member in my beloved Cuisine. I like being surrounded by people doing their best and I want to make the most out the activities and social events offered at AUC because I’ve never had opportunities of this kind before. 

I combine my vivid imagination and strong sense of compassion to resolve challenges. I am insightful, always looking for connections to inspire and encourage others. The variety of ideas and initiatives at AUC astonished me from the very first day, and thus, I want to be able to facilitate and coordinate such social endeavors.

 Henceforth, I am applying for the Committee Affairs Office. 

I plan to do my best in providing the AUC community my calor de hogar; I want the AUCSA to pursue a vision of inclusiveness and cohesion within all members of our community. By reevaluating “the bubble” we can create a more social and open environment. Alongside Diversity commission I want to foster more visibility to the multiplicity of nationalities and identities starting the very fist day of Intro Week. In doing so, it would be my self-appointed task to cheer for every one of you. Cultivating an environment where the bubble incites a feeling of Home would make the student body not only your peers but an extension of family.

Eleanor Swanson

Hi everyone! I’m Ellie. 

I am running for CAO of the AUCSA.

As a first-year Science student, I spend large chunks of my time organizing and attending committee events with friends and choreographing in the dance studio. I am American/Spanish by birth and moved to my Amsterdam dorm last August from the German town I grew up in.

I love the color the AUCSA adds to our day-to-day lives. Creative and motivated individuals who give life to our committees inspire me to become more involved in supporting our community. Having created the coziness of Down to Earth Dinners as part of Pangea’s food working group, written for the TEDx website, worked on the Acquisitions Team of TEDxAUCollege, and served as Decorations Manager for Dormfest, I know the ins and outs of committee life and work. As student body president of my high school I practiced productive collaboration and mastered the commitment and listening abilities of a true team player. 

My main goal as CAO is to support committees in developing their ideas. I am excited to enable more feedback on committee events (via polls or a feedback book), helping us to share our thoughts and create a more dynamic Association. By actively participating in many events and fostering approachability of the AUCSA Board towards the student body, I hope to create an inclusive atmosphere. Believing that every committee’s voice should be heard, I will do my best to communicate clearly and effectively with the Board to bring your ideas to life.

I am excited for the opportunity to be part of the AUCSA Board 2020-2021 in our Lustrum year!

See you at the (virtual) Elections GA ☺

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