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AUC's Trip and Excursion Committee


1.  a dish of sweetened and flavoured curds of milk. ‘junkets of apple-flavoured cream’
2.  an extravagant trip or celebration, in particular one enjoyed by government officials at public expense.’the latest row over city council junkets.’

We want you to get out of that big comfy bubble of yours. Join our activities and explore the big scary world of Amsterdam … and beyond.

Our committee was founded in 2013-2014, since then every year has been a success with the Junket Classics, which constitutes of a city trip in Europe, a hitch-hiking trip, a weekend city trip close by the Netherlands etc., as well as with the Junket Newbies, such as Escape Room Excursion, Ice skating excursion or even a Camping trip.

Prepare your suitcase, get ready to fill those passports and to fill your photo album with #junketmemories.


Gezellige vibes and fun adventures outside of the bubble - Brought to you by Junket <3

For more info, trip suggestions, questions or a nice chat with our sexy board members, send an email to junket@aucsa.nl or check out our Facebook <3


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